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India: Many Hands Make Light Work?

India’s poverty line in 2011 was at 26 Rupees – that is around $0.53 (source: Guardian).

While the World Bank records a decrease in the percentage of people falling under this level (42 per cent in 2005), the measurement itself is under harsh criticism. It has been described as a “starvation line” rather than a poverty line and indeed many people live just above that line of starvation.

Even for people who have a job, the situation is less then ideal. They struggle hard to maintain themselves in unsanitary and insecure working environments. Continue reading


India: Below the Poverty Line

In 2005, the World Bank estimated that roughly 42 per cent of people in India live below the poverty line. That poverty line lay at 26 Rupees (around $53) in 2011 (source: Guardian)and has more often been described as a “starvation line.” For huge amounts of people, it is a daily struggle to maintain themselves, even if they are fortunate to have a job in the first place. Continue reading