Colorful India

Colors, colors, colors! Nowhere in my life have I seen such colorful dresses, houses, people before! Despite some downsides in Indian society, the country glows of its radiating colors that bring light and joy to the viewer. Make your gry life more colorful and simply enojoy!

girl dancing in front of the Taj Mahal

Dancer in front of the eastern side of the Taj Mahal palace. (Thanks to Kanti Mani (Chintu), who was simply dancing full of joy on this wonderful day at the Taj)

Taj Mahal at sunset
Taj Mahal at sunset

The famous tomb palace of white marble: The Taj Mahal near sunset (front view).

Two kids in bright shirts holding a kite up to the blue sky
Kites in the Sky


two boys flying kites
Learning to Fly

These two boys in their colorful shirts are holding up a kite to the blue sky. Kite flying is a favorite activity of the rooftops of the blue houses in rural Bundi, Rajastan.
Which of the two pictures do you like better?


An elderly lady in a red dress in front of blue building fronts
Lady in Red

She was about to disappear in the doorway when I saw the red of her dress flare in the corner of my eyes and I flashed up the camera. Fortunately, she noticed and not only was she flattered, she came back out to pose and present her beauty!

Blue buildings in the city
Blue City

The streets of Bundi are lined with both: the beauty of strong blue facades and the charm of old, decaying palaces.

People stretching out their arms to catch confetti
Shower of Confetti

Guests at a wedding parade (Baraat) stretching out their arms to catch glistening confetti shot into the sky.

Bangles in a box

“Indians have always liked the ‘bling,'” a sign in a Puna museum said about the culture’s relation to jewelry. The full extent of this truth came to me when I saw this wedding preparation by an Indian friend of mine. For all those unaware: They’re bangles – they go on your (her) arms ;).

Turmeric Paste on a Tray
Turmeric Paste

In order to clean the bride and prepare her for the wedding (spiritually and physically), her skin is first covered in this yellow mix of oil and turmeric powder. The anti-septic paste is applied by the women of her family and cleans her skin.

Kanti's hands, yellow from Turmeric Paste
Applying Turmeric Paste

The application of the turmeric cleansing can go from quietly and mystical / spiritual to more modern and extravagant, as Kanti proves ;)


Colorful firework sparkles shooting into the night on the street in Delhi, celebrating an upcoming wedding during the Baraat.

Macaque sitting on a wall watching the sun set
Macaque in the Mountains

It is almost as if the Macaque knows how extraordinarily beautiful his situation is, being able to watch the purple and orange sun set on the Himalayan mountains.

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